20 February, 2013

Almost Scandinavia

In some kind of miraculous act of kindness by the birding Gods, the six Waxwings from yesterday hadn't buggered off, and were still present this morning when I strolled down to have a look. Even more surprisingly, they'd called their mates to the party too; 19 more to be precise. That made 6 + 19= 25 Waxwings sitting in a tree so frustratingly close to the garden, and even closer to the 1km square boundary for the 1000 species challenge.

They hung about for a while, feeding on berries just metres from my face, before heading off in the direction of Hampton Court at about mid-day. I would have had some nice Waxwing themed pics to post on here if the camera hadn't decided to completely shut itself down and refuse to turn on again, after uploading last night's images.

As a result, most of the rest of the day was spent filling out forms and sorting out warranties, before driving to the Nikon Repair Centre to hopefully get the thing sorted out. In the meantime, meet Mrs. Chaffinch, a ridiculously tame Chaffinch that's been feeding non-stop in the garden everyday since that cold spell back in January. First class birding.

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