25 November, 2011

Why Dogs Can Be Good

I've never been a huge fan of uncontrollable dogs chasing after wildlife, but if it means we'll have our lives more frequently enlightened by such hilarious videos as this one, I might have to consider getting a dog...

Some unknown legend then went on to create the Jurassic Park and Lion King edit. Absolute comedy genius...

He may have made the world a slightly better place by chasing those deer, but if I ever see Benton down my local patch trying to scare away my birds, I'll 'ave him.

09 November, 2011

Something Different

Paid a visit to Bushy Park yesterday to catch up with things now that the moths are finally disappearing. I was hoping in particular to catch up with the deer rutt that's currently in full swing, but the boys didn't seem to be in the mood for gauging each others brains out, and the light was so poor that most photos just came out in a blur.

Now, I'm going to own up here and admit that I may sometimes make substantial slight edits to all some of my images if I feel the colour balance isn't quite right, or the image isn't quite sharp enough. However, whilst resizing yesterday shots, I discovered a pretty hefty new feature on the service I use* that allowed you turn your image black and white, but still retain colour on an area of your choice. Amazing, huh? Technology these days... whatever next?

I was so impressed, that I had to try it out for myself.

Witness, as Grey Herons become even greyer...

... and Stonechats suddenly become much easier to find...

*a website called Picnik, in case you were wondering. Totally recommended if your so rubbish with a camera that you feel the need come home and plaster up your images, thus compromising the very essence of taking a photograph... shame on you.

08 November, 2011

Summer Dreams

This flew over the garden today, and represents my latest sighting of this (normally) summer migrant. It seems like only 7 months, 12 days and 5 hours ago that I saw my first one of the year zoom over the garden.

But what is it? ... I'll give you a clue, its not a moth.