29 May, 2017

Butterflies are wimps

'Moist' and 'misty' come to mind as appropriate adjectives to describe today. Lulworth was shrouded in low cloud for the best part of the bank holiday, putting a temporary halt to our butterfly surveying schedule. Then again butterflies are warm weather wimps aren't they? The dampness didn't stop other insects from taking to the wing on the slopes above the village.

 The chalk-loving crambid moth Hypochalcia ahenella

Cauchas fibulella is easy to find around Germander Speedwell at the moment

 Garden Tiger looking for somewhere to pupate

 Leptogaster cylindrica, a really funky new robberfly for me

 Stinking Iris is now flowering in a few cliff top spots around Lulworth


Ali said...

That Leptogaster! Superb

Billy Dykes said...

Aye it's a dainty stunner!