22 February, 2014

Grimley Birding

Following on from yesterday's Med Gull success (this bird turned out to a different individual from that reported earlier at Chapter Meadows), I headed straight down to Grimley this morning for some hopeful early season wader migration. The Pits themselves have been desperately quiet this winter, and apart from a small increase in Wigeon to 41 birds, nothing new was evident.

It was refreshing to hear a more varied mix of birdsong in the farmland, with both Linnet and Chaffinch blasting out full song, and a half-hearted Greenfinch giving it a go too.

At the nearby Grimley Old Workings, the River Severn has receded to leave an attractive looking half-mile stretch of water-logged, muddy field. It didn't take long to locate a group of 5 Green Sandpiper feeding on the mud, and a low-flying Buzzard flushed out 4 Common Snipe from the stubble, followed five minutes later by another 15 birds. Lapwings were present in healthy numbers, and I'd be damned if the nearby 300+ strong Gull flock didn't contain an interesting bird or two- for someone with a scope.

A sudden distinctive piercing wader call had me looking to the sky just in time to watch a pair of passage Oystercatcher drop onto the nearby Island Pool, where the two loud-mouthed birds shouted at each other for a while, before falling asleep on the bank.

A decent session on the patch was made even better when at least five Brambling appeared amongst a large flock of Goldfinch, feeding along a footpath south-west of Grimley Camp House Inn just before sunset. This rather stunning male was amongst the group...

This equally stunning Scarlet Elf-cup Sarcoscypha austriaca was the non-avian highlight from the day, found on a rotting tree branch in a small area of woods near the Old Workings. This uncommon winter fungi favours moist, damp condition and is thus more often encountered in the West of the country. 


Bob Bushell said...

A brilliant set of natures purity, love it.

Steve Finnell said...
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