12 February, 2014

Red Grouse in the Pennines

Whilst in Durham, we headed up higher into the North Pennines in the hope of finding Red Grouse. Snow was covering much of the high ground making the birds easier to spot, and one obliging individual in particular made its presence quickly known- flying in out of nowhere and displaying beautifully at close range...

Having travelled up with two dedicated pan-species listers, there was no chance we were heading back south without having a search around the upland streams for invertebrates. Seth picked out the high-altitude beetle, Nebria rufescens, whilst Bill took back a few Isotoma springtails for examination. A nearby stone wall held a population of the fingernail-sized Rock Snail Pyramidula pusilla...

The miniscule snail, Pyramidula pusilla

A stream high up in the Pennines, the perfect spot for some rare upland invertebrates.

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