21 February, 2014

Local Med Gull

We've had a decent movement of Gulls through Worcestershire in the past couple of days, with a brief adult Kittiwake in Pershore on Tuesday, and a good dusting of Mediterranean Gulls mingling amongst Black-headed Gulls on the floods. I do like a good Med Gull, and only this evening was planning for a weekend of grilling the patch in the hope of bagging one of these local beauties, when a report came in of an adult present in a flooded meadow half a mile away, earlier in the afternoon.

With light fading, I headed across town to a flooded area of the Severn, and after a while of scanning through endless Black-headed Gulls in a number of fields, the pure-white adult Med walked into view- I say 'the', but there could well have been more mixed in amongst the flocks in the fading light. Lovely jubbly.

Surely one of the smarter looking gulls- adult winter Mediterranean Gulls stick out like a sore thumb amongst the smaller Black-heads. 

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