18 May, 2014

Wyre Forest bryophyte surveying

I joined a crack team of local Worcester bryologists yesterday morning for another moss survey, this time on the Shropshire-Worcestershire border and the very lush-looking Wyre Forest. May isn't generally known for its bryological activity, but there were still some very interesting acidic soil-loving mosses and liverworts to keep everyone happy- proven by the fact that we'd barely moved half a mile from the car park within the first two hours. I was still trying to figure out my pleurocarps from my acrocarps by the time scientific names had effortlessly been given to these little beauties...

Calypogeia arguta (Notched Pouchwort)

Frullania dilatata (Dilated Scalewort) 

Campylopus introflexus (Heath Star-moss)

Hypnum jutlandicum (Heath Plait-moss)

I almost made the mistake of leaving the flat without a net, which would have been disastrous considering the quality of invertebrates on the wing. The underside of almost every deciduous leaf held a resting Phyllonorycter...

Phyllonorycter lautella

Phyllonorycter ulmifoliella

Schreckensteinia festaliella


Ali said...

That's about par for the course for a bryology meet - one hour to leave the car park!

Billy Dykes said...

And I thought entomologists were bad!