29 May, 2014

Storm respite

A couple of hours respite from the constant rain was enough to encourage invertebrates of all sorts onto the wing at Esher Common this afternoon. Nemapogon cloakella, Epinotia tetraquetrana, Epinotia cruciana, Neofaculta ericetella, Ptycholoma lecheana and Emmetia marginea were all netted within 5 minutes of leaving the car park, more than making up for the recent moth drought.

A Black-tailed Skimmer hawked over Black Pond, but unfortunately no sign of Brilliant Emerald- small amount of coppicing appears to have been undertaken in the area they frequented last year, and I just hope that hasn't put them off hunting there this year.

By far the coolest find of the day was this leaf beetle, Clytra quadripunctata. Larvae develop in the nests of wood ants; this one was perched just a short distance from a busy Formica rufa foraging route...

Clytra quadripunctata

Merodon equestris- a fantastic bee mimic hoverfly! 

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