20 May, 2014

What now?

I handed in my last colossal assignment last Friday, pretty much signalling the end of my first year in Worcester Uni. It's been a fantastic experience, but has sped by ridiculously quickly- it seems like only last week that I was travelling up the M40 with a car full of completely unnecessary pots and pans, excited at the prospect of independence and new people to meet, but at the same time crapping bricks at the prospect of independence and new people to meet. Looking back now, any worries I ever had seem laughable, and I can't wait to start it all again next year with the added luxury of a house, albeit getting ever closer to starting that inevitable dissertation.

I'll be heading back down south tomorrow, so it seemed only right to pay the Grimley Pits a final visit, where absolutely thousands of damselflies had been emerging. Common Blue made up the majority, with smaller numbers of Blue-tailed, Red-eyed and a single Azure Damselfly mixed in. Great to have them back...

Common Blue Damselfly

Blue-tailed Damselfly

Cercopis vulnerata- a brute of a bug

Now the soppy stuff's out the way, did I ever mention that back in March I found out that I'd been offered a position as one of two long-term volunteers at the fantastic Skokholm Bird Observatory (just off the Pembrokeshire coast), working alongside the wardens from July until October? No? I thought I was dreaming at first but it turns out it actually is happening, which means that with any luck this here blog will be coming to you from the Welsh coast for the duration of the seabird breeding and autumn migration season. In the very likely scenario that I have no internet connection up there, you'll be able to follow our happenings on the Skokholm Blog- updated daily by the wardens, Richard and Giselle, with mouth-watering photography and wildlife sightings. Should be a fun season- I've even heard that they have a moth trap...

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