23 April, 2014

I have a jam jar and I'm not afraid to use it

Every now and again I catch a moth that just won't fit into a specimen pot. In this kind of situation, a purpose built 'massive moth jam jar' is able to provide cosy accommodation to larger insects seeing out a night in the fridge.

During an average summer the jar will see action only once or twice every few weeks, making its extraction from the cupboard nothing short of an important family occasion- although they always seem to be about to do something really important whenever I mention that I'm actually using the jar... strange.

In the last three nights however, it has already been whipped out on several occasions to accommodate these two fantastic beauties...

Lime Hawk-moth... on the other end of a five minute 'let us all stare in complete awe' session. 

The massive broken twig look-alike moth that is a Buff-tip. So fantastic that it definitely deserves to have two images of it posted. 

The aforementioned 'massive moth jam jar' in action. One day there's going to be a Death's Head Hawk-moth in there...

... one day. 

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