29 April, 2013

Bucket List Whinchat

Whinchat has always been high on the mental bucket list of things I've always want to photograph. A spring-plumage male, fresh from Africa, is a damn colourful passerine and one of the finest to pass through London, so when news came through of two males and a female in Bushy Park, I snuck in a cheeky late evening visit. The sun was barely still above the horizon, and the birds were extremely skittish, but I managed one of two shots of a perched male, as it moved through the bracken with a load of Wheatear. Hopefully more of the same soon.

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Charlie Fleming said...

Hello Bill,
Thanks for the comments left on my blog about RNP. I have enjoyed your blog. I am always surprised whenever I come to Surrey, lots to see if you look. Particularly like Richmond Park.
Keep up the good work,