24 January, 2013

Local Smew

Couldn't resist a mini-twitch for my first ever 'redhead' Smew, found by the Dave Harris along the River Ember in Molesey, less than a 15 minute walk from the front door. It was first seen floating about with a Pintail and around 50 odd Tufted Duck back on the 21st, along the stretch of river bordering Island Barn Reservoir. Naturally, being within a mile radius of the Thames Water owned reservoir, the whole area is in complete lockdown to anyone and everyone who doesn't own a yacht at the sailing club there.



What? Don't tell me you wouldn't do the same for such a quality bird so close to home. Shame really, as Dave (who makes a sterling effort to keep records coming from the site) turns up some brilliant birds at that reservoir, and the greater recording coverage that would come out of making the site more accessible to the general public (not to mention the money they would make through a permit system) could only benefit Thames Water.

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