10 January, 2013

Chaffinch... and some other bird

So there I was right, down on Bookham Common behind the train station, first outing of the year, casually photographing a perched female Chaffinch in the morning fog, when all of a sudden some fat bird comes streaming in, beak and all, lands right on top of the Chaffinch and ruins a perfectly good photo.
Hawfinches have no self-respect. It's a good thing they're scarce and elusive, otherwise I fear this could become a more serious issue for photographers.

Seriously though, if you are thinking of heading down to Bookham Common to photograph Chaffinches, make sure you don't go looking in the large trees behind the train station first thing in the morning, because you might come across a Hawfinch.

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Anonymous said...

I sypathise with your predicament! Sometimes several of the little hooligans have been known to ruin photos of perfectly good bare branches: