14 May, 2009

Blue Tit shots

Here are a few shots of one of our pair of Blue tits foraging for grubs and caterpillars to feed it's young; which have just hatched out in next door's nextbox. The pair have never failed to bring up very cute young Blue tits, in all their years here!

Only a week into the duties of parenting and they are already getting very scruffy. I'm sure the time when the young fledge is much longed for by these two so they can go off and moult!

At the weekend, I'm hoping to make the short journey to Staines Reservoir to watch a White-winged Black Tern (a scarce visitor to Britain)- I'm starting to get into this twitching thing!


Mark Fellowes said...

Hi Bill

Just in case you don't know - the tern hasn't been seen for a couple of days and has probably moved on...


JRandSue said...

Hi Bill,nice start to your Photography dream I also like Butterflies and Bugs.
Well done.

Billy Dykes said...

Mark- Yep, I had my fingers crossed that it would reappear but obviously not :( I see you saw it though- well done!

John- Thanks, your blog is brilliant, I love the butterfly shots!

Daniel Trim said...

Great stuff bill!
Its good fun keeping an eye on what is happening in or around the garden!

but, in the same way you are, I have become interested in twitching aswel :-).

It's good fun aslong as you don't take it too seriously and just have fun what ever happens! Wait untill you can drive though, the temptations are huuuuge!

Keep up the good work,