09 May, 2009

Dustbin Babies

Whilst taking out the empty Shreddies packet this morning, I noticed a bunch of Spiderlings that had just hatched out inside the Recycling bin. Who knows what they will be recycled into; A Heinz Beanz can? A packed of Kleenex tissues? Or maybe even a pencil. I can only warn you that next time you buy your Evian water bottle, make sure it's made from 100% plastic!

On the subject of babies, next doors Blue tits have young! The adults are making 100s of visits too and from the nest box every day. I'll be sure to keep a eye on this family and expect lots of photos of them when they fledge.

FOOTNOTE- Sorry about the lack of posts recently, a temporary loss of the camera adapter meant I couldn't upload any photos for a couple of days... expect lots more posts to come!

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