31 May, 2009

Chelsea Won and I Got to See a Woodpecker!

I went to a friends house yesterday to watch the Chelsea vs Everton FA Cup Final. Being a Chelsea fan I was cheering on the Blues but got quite scared when Saha put the ball in the net for Everton after 25 seconds!! However, after a goal from Drogba and a screamer from Lampard, the win was secured!

I bet your wondering what any of this has got to do with birds, aren't you? Well, after the footy we took a stroll in Richmond Park where there was nothing much to note except for a LESSER SPOTTED WOODPECKER (!!) which I watched for a couple of seconds before it flew off into the trees. The birds ID was then confirmed when I heard it call, which sounds almost exactly like that of a Kestrels.

So, Chelsea won the FA Cup and I got to see a Lesser Spotted Woodpecker... what could be better?... well, maybe if Chelsea won the Champions League for once!!

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midlands birder said...

must agree with you it was a screamer from lampard but a great goal from saha as well