26 March, 2009

A Frog

The first frog of the year has found its way into our garden pond, although we get sightings of these in the pond most weeks in the spring and summer, they have never laid any frog spawn in it- probably because the goldfish would eat it all!


Anonymous said...

Hi Billy

Love the photographs, well done!! Like the change in the template too.

You need to get out and about as well as studying!!

Best wishes in the exams. Jackie.

Billy Dykes said...

Thanks Jackie. I've been given so much work to do over half term but im sure i'll get out, its the start of the butterfly season and I know some great hotspots so might visit them! More posts to come soon on my adventures at RHS Wisley and Bushy Park.


Anonymous said...

It was lovely at Wisley today. You will see from my blog I have done a slideshow of my photographs. I love the flowers and the landscape there.

My camera isn't good enough for close ups of birds or butterflies. Although I got one or two good ones when the butterflies were in the glasshouse earlier in the year.

As you will also see from my blog I seem to have a great tit moving in the nest box.

Are you going on the Wisley bird walk on 19th April or is it in the middle of your studying?


Billy Dykes said...

I pleased to hear that you have Great tits moving in. I can't wait to see some shots of the young.

I think its a little bit too much money but thanks for telling me. I usually go on guided tours by RSPB Guildford, everyone is friendly and its free! Would recommend it.