01 April, 2009

A afternoon in the Bush

After being told by a fellow blogger Tricia (see her great blog here) that a pair of Grebes had decided to use the main lake in Bushy Park, I decided to go and watch the 2 birds for a while (plus, Grebes in summer plumage make great photographs!).
Today however, the Grebes had decided they didn't want to show themselves and so I only managed an empty nest shot!

.... and a record shot

To cheer me up, I watched 3 Grey Wagtails flittering about and doing all those jumpy things only wagtails can do. This guy hasn't quite developed those lovely black markings on it's throat yet.
This colourful male Reed Bunting showed very well; shame my 300mm lens is jammed a 250mm!
Eygptian Geese and other foreign wildfowl still seem to be going by their foreign timetable and are giving birth to young very early in the year, it must be hard work for mum.
It then started to rain and mum signalled for her gooslings to shelter under her wing... arrrrr

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Anonymous said...

Shame you couldn't get the grebe on the nest, I am sure you will in the next few days if you have time during your studies.

Thanks for the info on the Guildford RSGB walks. I agree the walk in RHS Wisley is expensive, especially for young people like you.

My grandson, Russell is the same age as you and busy with his exams too!!