15 March, 2009

Falling in Love with Brent Geese?!

You know when you just really like something but you don't know why... well thats what it's like when I think about Brent Geese. Although I have only encountered them on two occasions, I have already fallen in love with them, and I have no idea why?!! Soon these little birds will be leaving our shores for their breeding grounds in Russia and Canada.
Here are some shots I took of them on my latest visit to Farlington Marshes in Pompey...

You have to admit, they are a very attractive species of goose

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midlands birder said...

same as me.ive only seen waxwings twice but have completly fallen in love with them.they to are long distance migrants.and as with brent goose both are relitivly scarce birds(they are in the west mids anyway)mabey thats what makes them so appeling