11 August, 2009

Suffolk Holiday- Relaxing Birding

Woke up this morning (well actually a week ago now!) to the sorry sight of a dead Purple Hairstreak, which would have been a long awaited and rare lifer...

Purple Hairstreak

But enough about dead butters, today is the last in our 3 day holiday in Suffolk, and todays plan was to go to Lackford Lakes just 2 miles down the road. The 'Latest Sightings' in the visitor centre boasted 2 Turtle Doves and a Hobby, none of which I saw... deja vu, I think so?
As I scanned the Slough, I managed to pick out a Common Sandpiper and 4... yes, 4 Green Sandpipers!

Green Sandpiper

Green Sandpiper

Reed Warblers were showy but I can't say the same for the resident pair of Kingfisher... hows about a game of spot the Reed Warbler??

Well camouflaged Reed Warbler

There was nothing much to note of any insects apart from a Common Darter (if the picture doesn't show... I can't help you!).

Common Darter

... and a rather stunning Common Blue Damselfly...

Common Blue Damselfly

So thats it, the end of our Suffolk holiday... tommorow I'm off to Poole in Dorset for seabirds. Until next time,

Happy Birding!

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GRAMPS said...

Hi Billy. First off, your signature [jpeg, gif, whatever] needs to be republished to your server. An excellent [and very funny in parts] three part series which I much enjoyed. The pictures and the accompanying text are so good that I am beginning to believe I was there too ! Have a good time in Dorset, yet another of England's beautiful counties. Gramps.