06 April, 2009

Butterflies and Birds in Bushy Park

It's yet another sunny day today... 'hmm, just right for butterflies' was the thought going through my head as I did someBold revision for the Yr 10 exam when we get back. After lunch (nope, sadly today I didn't see a Swallow whilst eating my sandwich), I decided to go to Bushy Park (what a change!) and look for some butterflies, especially as I know a favoured haunt of the Speckled Wood.

Upon arriving in the park, I was greeted by these 2 bad boys as they stared at passers by.

It wasn't long before I found my first butterfly of the year... a Speckled Wood, resting on the leaf litter in a small area of woodland...

... and a shot from the side- those elaborate colours make great camouflage as this butterfly spends most of it's time on the woodland floor.

As I watched the Specked Wood, I noticed I was being watched by a Nuthatch. How ironic- a birdwatcher being watched by a bird!

On to the main lake and many of the Coots were busy building their nests.

A very protective husband keeping away potential predators...

The Great crested Grebes have been forced to build a new nest as their old one was taken by a Coot, their new nest is right on the bank of a busy path with dog walkers and young kids being frequent.
My first proper views of the Bushy Park Grebes...

Whilst trying to pinpoint a singing Skylark high above me, I flushed this Grey Heron, which did a quick circle of the lake and suddenly dived into the water in an attempt to catch a fish!


Reg Telescope said...

My God! Those coots are enormous!

Some great photos. Well done.

Unknown said...

Love that shot showing Mr Coot seeing off that boat! Great shots of the Grebes too.

Billy Dykes said...

Thanks guys! You have to admit even though it was funny to watch, it was quite cruel for the Coots