05 April, 2009

The First Swallow

Whilst eating a sarny in the garden this morning, I heard that unmistakable 'chitter' 'chatter' call above my head. Looking up... yep, my first Swallow of the year! The shot's rubbish I know!


Anonymous said...

Hello! I've just encountered your blog (thanx 2 nature blog network) and loved some of your shots very much especially one with wagtail and of course ducks.
What about some 'rubbish' shots.. sometimes they're worth keeping anyway just for the sake of memories.

Jonathan Scragg said...

Just had my first swallow of the year over my local nature Reserve today.
Great shot, i've never managed to capture a swallow in flight.

Linda Yarrow said...

Taking pictures of birds in flight is not easy. Don't worry about those 'rubbish shots', they are a record of what you have seen on that particular day ie your first Swallow and you can keep them to compare dates of when you first see Swallows each year.

FAB said...

Rubbish or NOT. Good sighting.

Billy Dykes said...

Aluajala- Thanks for the kind comments, I'm glad you like the blog. Come to think of it, it's not such a bad shot!

Jonny- Well done with the Swallow!

Lynmiranda- Thanks, I'll definitly put this one in the garden log book.

Frank- I think it's a bit too late to report now ;)