05 November, 2016

The week in moths

The three occasions I ran the moth trap in the garden this October all yielded no moths, but a last minute decision to run the trap on a freezing Saturday night last week rewarded me with two hardy souls - an Oak Rustic and Monopis crocicapitella.

The Oak Rustic is a new species for the garden, and is still a fairly rare moth around these parts with the first Surrey record coming from Redhill as recently as November 2014.

An indescribably stunning Merveille du Jour caught on Halloween night was the 3rd record for the garden.


RJB said...

Hi Bill,
It was me that caught the Redhill Oak Rustic in 2014 and I was informed by GAC that another had been reported from Farnham a couple of days earlier. I haven’t heard of many other records of wanderers inland so perhaps there’s a small breeding colony somewhere in Surrey.

Richard Bartlett

Billy Dykes said...

Thanks for clarifying that Richard. I'm sure you're right and that these individuals are the result of local breeding - I heard a report of one from Berkshire last week so it must be spreading rapidly.