11 October, 2016

Telegraph Hill

Some welcome free time yesterday afternoon tempted me to get out onto the patch to have an optimistic search for a rogue avian migrant or two. Telegraph Hill, just south of Hinchley Wood, is one of the highest points in the area as the name suggests, so it didn't seem completely unreasonable to expect a Siberian Accentor or at the very least a Ring Ouzel to drop in for a quick refuel before heading onwards into the deepest and darkest depths of upper middle-class Surrey.

Alas, nothing materialised so I resorted to some invertebrate appreciation. The irridescent leaf beetle Phratora laticolli was feeding in profusion on a small row of aspens at the top of the hill, and it wasn't too hard to find some Stigmella leaf mines on various deciduous trees in the hedgerows.

 Phratora laticolli

 Stigmella plagicolella on Blackthorn

Stigmella ulmivora on Elm

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Bob Bushell said...

Brilliant photos.