08 June, 2015

Odds and ends

A couple of interesting bits and bobs from the past week that haven't yet found their way into blog posts.

It's that time of year when the moth-trap is dominated by beetles. Stag Beetles are by far our most impressive garden visitors, whilst Garden Chafers are amongst the smallest.

The Clearwing lures still work - a couple of pristine male Orange-tailed (above) and Yellow-legged (below) Clearwings have been attracted to lures placed in the garden in the past couple of weeks.

Had a great time surveying biodiversity on Oxshott Heath last Saturday with the LNHS crew...

Cydia coniferana

Sundew and Sphagnum moss

Striped Ladybird

Goldon-bloomed Grey Longhorn


Rob said...

You might want to double check that chafer. I think it's actually a Welsh Chafer ;)

Fotofrua said...

Wow, beautiful picture's. I like them all.