07 June, 2015

MVR: Migrants vs Residents

As is so often the case with urban trapping, the first week of June has seen catch rates in the garden really take off after a typically slow spring, but the big difference this year has been the appearance of migrant species amongst all the regular characters. Catching a migrant in the trap is always an exciting event, and Bordered Straws are no exception.

Before this year, I wouldn't have imagined catching even one of these powerful cosmopolitan travellers so far inland, so to have three turn up in the past 14 days alone just shows how this season's migration event is turning out to be quite monumental.

Bordered Straw

As if to cement the above statement, a Painted Lady blasted past the window as I sat down to write this post, and is now feeding on a patch of Red Valerian -  the first here since 10th September 2009!

Painted Lady

Not willing to be out done by the far-flung migrants, the residents have also been on impressive form. Buff-tip, Enarmonia formosana and Treble Brown Spot are always a pleasure to catch if only because of their shear beauty, but the real highlight of late has been this Cream Wave caught on 4th - a rare new addition to the garden list...

Cream Wave

Treble Brown Spot

Buff-tip - best animal camouflage in the UK?

Toadflax Brocade

Enarmonia formosana

Freyer's Pug

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