05 January, 2014

Glossy Ibis in Surrey? By Golly!

The Christmas holidays seem to have flown by, and I'm now back at University after a relaxing few weeks spent with the family back down south.

The first few days of the new year are- for any self-respecting birder- the most important in terms of getting out in the field and building up a fresh list, which is why I've spent the past week snoozing in late and generally not doing anything much relating to birds at all.

However, the attraction of a Glossy Ibis found in flooded fields in Frensham (cheeky slice of alliteration right there) was too much to resist, and I paid it a little visit yesterday afternoon. Despite the moistness of the weather and rising flood waters, the Ibis looked like it was having a field day; happily flying back and forth from one flooded area of ground to another, accompanied at times by a couple of Little Egrets and a Green Sandpiper. It was awesome to watch one of these increasingly common southern European visitors look so at home in the Surrey countryside.

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