04 December, 2010

Cold Weather Movement

Cold Weather Movement

It was an early morning internet search to find college closed due to 'adverse weather conditions' yesterday. There is nothing I hate more than an early morning, and you'd have thought that with most of my life spent waking up early for school, that I'd have got used to it, but I haven't. So it's really is amazing how those three words- 'college will be closed'- can transform my morning mood from :( to : D

It took an unprecedented amount of self determination and dedication to stop myself from falling back into bed, but I managed to dragged myself out into the garden for some early morning snowtography with the birds, before the texts started to come in luring me to the local patch, to indulge in a different kind of hobby from birding.

Even watching the garden birds from my camouflage cape (latest fashion) for an hour, it was amazing to see a small scale cold weather movement take place right in front of my eyes. As you can probably guess, a cold weather movement is when species move from one place to another due to extreme weather. In my case its probably just from the local woods. Chaffinches are rarities here that usually only appear as singles every winter, but this morning there were 6 feeding. After the return of a female Blackcap the other day, the male has now joined her, and 7 Redwings dropped in to the garden to feed, as well as an additional 4 Blue tits to the normal pair that are around, and a relatively secretive Song Thrush.

Despite all the action, most of the birds were a slight bit camera shy. Luckily, the Blue tits were out in style, and were doing what Blue tits do best; being curious!

This years Christmas card? I think so... you can buy one off me for £50 a print... I need all the money I can get with these new University fee rises...

They were fiddling around in every nook and cranny they could find....

Everybody say ahhh...

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