27 November, 2010

Think Fluffy Bunnies

Think Fluffy Bunnies

God it's been cold recently hasn't it? Me and cold don't really mix that well, I find the cold too... how do I say this? ... chilly. The problem is me and warm do mix quite well, and I often find I'm late for one thing or another because I've spent over 2 hours in a steaming hot shower, no doubt draining the local reservoir and malnourishing a Dunlin or something.

I'm pretty sure you're flowing along my lines when I say a cold winters day spent with a good cup of tea in the lounge, in front of the T.V. *insert favoured program here* (preferably not Misfits or The Inbetweeners, I mean everyone talks about them but they are generally, and pardon my language, bad) with the central heating turned up, is pretty damn ideal.

In fact one of the only times when I do like the cold is when its snowing, and so with the recent forecasts pledging a frosting of the white stuff in every garden, I've been ready with camera in hand. Alas, there has been no snow, but with the sun out, I braved the cold and headed down to Bushy Park during one of those independent study periods at college. What do mean I should have be studying? Well... I'm... habitats, environment, stuff like that, you know the one... biology.

There were birds on the lake, but they were pretty boring. Just the odd Shoveler and Wigeon, and a Stonechat in the distance somewhere.

Here, have a Wigeon...

And a Mallard...

And a Tufted Duck with some late autumnal colours thrown in...

Here's a Stonechat...

And here's an un-focused Shoveler touching down...

Just in case you were wondering what a seagull looked like up close, wonder no more... this is field guide material right here...

I've just re-filled the bird feeders ready for the winter, so might try and dig out that brown sheet thing that acts like a hide and watch as the birds flee the garden and bugger off somewhere else. One thing that doesn't seem to want to bugger off at the moment is that damn Grey Squirrel.

I must say I quite liked the local Squirrels, and their daily antics during the summer. They weren't doing any visible harm and I'd happily wave at one as it passed gracefully through the trees. However, since putting feed out again, I've realised just how bloody annoying they are- casually hanging from a branch whilst stealing sunflower seeds like the little rat is genuinely trying to mock me- and now the sight of a squirrel as I open the blinds in the morning will put me in a bad mood for the rest of the day.

... "Think fluffy bunnies, Bill. Happy, fluffy bunnies."

I think I need to see a squirrel psychiatrist.


Joseph Nichols said...

Hi Bill,

You have some lovely photos here, and well done on seeing and photographing that Red-necked Grebe - a very nice bird indeed! I will look forward to reading more about your future birding adventures.

I just thought I'd alert you to the fact that the blog of mine that you have listed in your blog list is now out of use. I have a new blog on the go, and I would greatly appreciate it if you could get rid of the link in your blog list of my old blog and replace it with the following. It would even further be appreciated if you were to follow my new one as well, as you did with my old one.


Thank you very much and best wishes,


Springman said...

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Billy Dykes said...

Thanks guys. Joseph, thanks for the kind comments... your now linked and followed :)