09 November, 2010

Right Place, Right Time

Right Place, Right Time

Autumn is by far the best time to view Jays, as they move from oak tree to oak tree with their distinctive bouncy flight, carrying a crop full of acorns to store for the winter.

Every now and again, one will pass through the garden at this time of year, but never stay for long. They are usually extremely shy and require quite a lot of patience to get close to. However, with a sudden downpour yesterday morning, and with me coincidently relaxing  studying at home; not having any morning lessons at College (ahh the joys!), a Jay decided to sit out a spell of bad weather in an Apple tree in the garden. I was able to fetch the camera and slowly open an upstairs window, and their it was.

A real beauty of a bird (I never thought I would ever see the day when I actually complemented a member of the Crow family!)...

Now leave me alone whilst I wonder how on earth I am supposed to distinguish Intrinsic Proteins from Extrinsic Proteins, whilst at the same time staring at a fresh sheep's heart I've just collected from the butcher's ready to be dissected in College tomorrow (oh the joys of Biology A-Level), and at the same time as all that, crying at why it isn't me holding this stick with Waxwings feeding at the end of it...

Happy Birding


David Campbell said...

very nice autumnal photos I must say. Jays have always been one of my favourites; its like someone couldn't be bothered to paint the very last bit, at the front of the face! You're lucky, I have to go in and do naff all no matter how many blank lessons I have in the morning!

all the best


Phil said...

Super Jay shots, I also know how hard they are to get! I've only ever managed to get a shot from the patio doors.
Absolutely loved the Waxwing link by the way.