24 January, 2010

Hide Photography

Hide Photography...

I recently bought a load of camouflage gear from WildlifeWatching Supplies including a sort of camouflage coloured blanket that you throw over yourself... basically, a cheap version of a hide. As I haven't been bothered to make it past the back garden these last few days, I decided to set up the camera equipment in the garden, and throw the camouflage coloured blanket thing over me.

The birds didn't seem too bothered with me, but neither did they seem too bothered to sit on the perch that I had focused on, just above the bird feeder. In the end, only a Great tit came into the viewfinder... I guess it's not a bad first attempt.

I guess it's early days yet, and one things for sure, I'll be doing much more garden hide photography in the near future. It seems a great way to get close to the birds without disturbing them.


Bob Bushell said...

I have one of those, from wildlife watching supplies. It is tremendous.

Unknown said...

What a cool idea!
*wonders if housekeeping here would die a sheet dark green or brown for me....*

Lovely shot as well!

Robs Birding said...

Hi Bill , i have to agree what a good idea !also like the pic of the Great tit

Gold Coast College said...

what a nice photo..:)