20 July, 2009

Two New Butters at Chobham Common

Bought a book on walks in Surrey the other day to do in the Summer Holidays and so I decided to start with a walk at the 1000 acre National Nature Reserve, Chobham Common... recognised for its population of Dartford Warbler, Woodcock and Nightjar (none of which I managed to see on the day!!).

Those of you who have been to Chobham Common will agree with me that it is a very weird, sandy and Silver Birch Treeie (Tree-e) place to be and is very prone to arson... and although it did not catch fire whilst I was there, there were certainly signs of recent activity...

Chobham Common

However, this doesn't stop the birds. I saw countless numbers of Stonechat, Wheatear and Linnet fit about in the gorse and on a number of occasions even heard Woodlark. Here is a female Stonechat...


The best surprise came when nearing the end of the walk through woodland. A butterfly resembling Speckled Wood flew past. When it landed, I reaslised that it was far from a Speckled Wood... it was a brilliantly coloured Grayling and an addition to my butterfly list!



I can bet you will have a hard time trying to find this beautifully camouflaged butterfly in the next shot!


But the fun wasn't over yet. Just as I adjoined the path leading back to the car park, I noticed a Skipper resting on a plant with markings on it. I immediatly identified it as a Large Skipper... another first for me!

Large Skipper

Large Skipper

A nice way to start off the book I'd say. Now, must get on with History Coursework for tommorow on whether the Nazis were responsible for Kristallnacht!

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