01 February, 2009

Watching Wildfowl

I took a quick visit to Bushy Park today for a couple of shots of the wildfowl and anything else that might be around. The weather was freezing and although the sun was shining, snow was starting to fall.
The first thing I saw was this duck feeding with Mallards which I can't seem to identify (please leave a comment if you have any idea at what it could be). I was thinking something along the lines of a hybrid or ornamental Teal or Wigeon.

A young Wigeon was present but I couldn't relocate the adult male that was here last time

It then started to snow and I found this Moorhen getting battered by the oncoming waves; not the best shelter I ever seen!

Other wildfowl included an Egyptian Goose and lots of sleepy Pochards

A Grey Heron showed very well to passers by and was successful in catching a small fish
In hunting mode...

Bang, got it!
On the way back I came face to face with this Red Deer, just feet from me

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful shots. Keep up the good work!