21 February, 2009

Some Baked Shots in the Sun

Its the hottest and sunniest day we've had this winter, with a peak of 15'C at times, infact the weather was so nice I decided to cycle into Bushy Park. The park was the busiest I've ever seen it so I decided to do a quick walk around the main lake and then take a stroll aound the canal plantations where it would hopefully be quieter and I could try my luck with the Lesser spooty that had been seen there earlier in the week.

The most active birds on the main lake were the Coots. They were starting to get a bit frisky!
Having a wash

And a scratch behind the... errr.... ear?!

A couple of 'baked' shots of the Coots on the other side of the lake who were just chillin'.
A pair of Egyptian Geese were feeding by the ride of the road
I quite like the colours reflected in the water of this shot of a Tufted Duck
.... and the silhouette effect on this shot of a Sparrowhawk
They're green, they're mean... yes, you guessed it, Ring necked Parakeet. For once, their shreaking call was not the only bird sound I heard in the canal plantation as smaller birds start singing to protect their territories ready for the breeding season

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Anonymous said...

I'm loving the pictue of the Tufted Duck, Bill. Really amazing colours you've captured. Matt