12 January, 2009

Redwings with the D60

A change in the light ment that I could get some first proper shots (and where better place to start than with the Redwings in the back garden) from the warmth of my bedroom window! (I am a lazy sod!)
I've been taking shots of them for a couple of weeks now and studying them closely, you can really begin to appreciate how beautiful their markings are.
The birds kept puffing themselves out to keep warm in the freezing weather. Here, you can really see the Redwings red underwing.
Redwing are the smallest of the thrush family; about the same size as a Starling and were very wary of any movement, I had to be quick to take the shot before a person walked past the berry bush and scared them all away or a bus went by
A Parakeet dropped in just when I was about to finish

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