25 January, 2009

Big Garden Birdwatch

Its the big weekend and I wasn't going to miss it. The weather was quite sunny but it was absolutely freezing even from the warmth of the house. I didn't have the best of days but I did get a mega for the garden.... a DUNNOCK; beat that Shetland!!
Here is a list of species and the highest number I saw at one time:
1) Blue tit-2 2) Great tit-2 3) Coal tit-1 4) Long-tailed tit-2 5)Goldcrest-1 6)Wren-1 7) Robin-1 8) Blackbird-3 9)Dunnock-1 10) Woodpigeon-2 11) Jay-1 12) Magpie-2 13) Greenfinch-2 14) Chaffinch-2
Here are some shots from the morning

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