13 February, 2016

New blog header

Regular (and irregular) visitors will notice that I've added a new header to the blog - a photo of a Short-eared Owl quartering Staines Moor on a crisp, misty December afternoon back in 2012.

Compared to previous headers of late, this one is slightly different in that the subject is a bird and not a moth - the first such bird photo I've uploaded to the blog since January 2015. What started out back in 2008 as a medium through which to 'showcase' my awful bird photography in Bushy Park has - over the years - turned into an almost solely insectivorous blog.

It's quite interesting, for me anyway, to look back and find the point at which blog content switched from birds to other stuff. Such a transition seems to take place in spring 2013, when I attempted to take on pan-species listing for the first time as part of the '1000for1ksq' challenge - mosses, plants and other taxonomic groups I wouldn't have previously batted an eyelid at started to appear, and birds have taken a bit of a back foot.

I do hope to get more content posted up here as the weather begins to warm and things begin to emerge from the cold, but the likelihood of this including anything much bird-related is doubtful. I still take my binoculars wherever I go and get great enjoyment out of birding, but that is as far it goes. I no longer worry about photographic opportunities I could miss out on if I go out birding without my DSLR, and as a result my motivation to carry it is dwindling.

In other news, Black Sabbath's self-titled debut album is 46 years old today. Enjoy. 

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