15 September, 2015

French moths

The other week we took a family holiday to a small village just outside of Narbonne in south-west France. The vast majority of our holidays as a family have been spent in Wales and Cornwall, often during the rainiest weeks of the year, so I was itching to check out the local insect life on the edge of the Mediterranean.

Unfortunately, what with airport security not being too keen on passengers taking large quantities of electrics and high-power batteries with them onto planes, I couldn't take a moth trap with me, and had to make do with an outside porch light for the duration of the trip. However, even without 'specialist' equipment, every night the side of the house attracted a carpet of beautiful and unusual moths. I was in heaven...

Ecleora solieraria

Odice jucunda - the 'Delightful Marbled'

Xerocnephasia rigana

Zebeeba falsalis

Pale-shouldered Cloud

Palpita vitrealis

Porter's Rustic

The Passenger

Yellow Belle

Hoyosia codeti

Hydriris ornatalis

Scarce Bordered Straw

Stemmatophora brunnealis


Pyrausta sanguinalis


Unknown said...

Some great moths there, Bill.

Maybe you should try and convince the family to look at Las Descargues (Lot Moths) in coming years, as there are loads of traps on site! As well as a fantastic gite with pool, something for all the family.


Bennyboymothman said...

Hi Bill, wow nice moths and super photos. I reckon you could have got away with a tripod and a compact fluorescent or even a 160w mercury blended bulb which needs no heavy control gear..maybe for next time.

Billy Dykes said...

Dave - Thanks! Las Descargues does look fantastic, and I'm definitely hoping to get out there at some point.

Ben - Cheers - I'm notoriously bad at getting organised for holidays, but I will try and look into those options next time I hit the continent!