20 August, 2015

What have I got myself into?


I started my dissertation field work back on Monday (a.k.a the fun bit). If all goes to plan (it probably won't!) I'm going to attempt to compare the differences in abundance and diversity of moth populations between coppiced and non-coppiced woodland, which means I get to spent the next couple of weeks running moth traps in three top quality nature reserves run by Surrey Wildlife Trust in the North Downs.

Unfortunately, it also means that at some point before the end of May 2016 I'll need to write thousands and thousands of words on a subject which although fascinating to me, isn't exactly teeming with previous literature ready to back up any kind of trend or correlation I try and squeeze out of the data. It'll be hard and long-winded, but I'm too busy marvelling over some of the fantastic moths which have turned up (such as the nationally scarce Mocha & Square-spotted Clay pictured) in the first couple of sessions to worry about the computer work and statistics that are inevitably going to come later.

Square-spotted Clay


Steve Gale said...

Not many Black Arches then Bill...

Billy Dykes said...

Nah, only 86.