06 March, 2015

Spring in the air

It was another beautiful day - too nice to be spent indoors mulling over coursework - so I headed down to a nearby brook where the sun was shining, the insects were emerging and the plants were flowering. Spring is in the air...

18-spot Ladybird

Blaniulus guttulatus

Lesser Celandine

Swan's-neck Thyme-moss (Mnium hornum)

Dotted Thyme-moss (Rhizomnium punctatum)

The kind of weather that just makes you want to listen to Shuggie Otis.

Oh, what a coincidence...


Ali said...

Hi Bill - hard to see from here but that Rhizomnium looks a bit prostrate and the leaves seem to be attached in such a way as to not be decurrent - it's not Plagiomnium rostratum?



Billy Dykes said...

Hi Ali - after taking a second look I'm sure you're right and that it is P. rostratum. My bryophyte ID skills are notoriously rubbish, and it's going to take a few more meetings with the local experts before I should be allowed let loose with a hand lens away from the garden! ;)

Thanks for spotting that one!

Best wishes