01 August, 2014

Skokholm stuff

Many, many bird-related things have been going on in the past few weeks here on Skokholm- too many things to sum up in one quick post at 1am after three consecutive nights of Manxie/Stormie ringing (and thus no sleep!). A more detailed write-up on the way soon, but for now here are some moths (of which there have been plenty)...

Broom Moth

Dolicharthrica punctalis

Diamond-back Moth

Mullein Wave

Crescent Dart

Agriphila selasella

Garden Tiger

The wind and waves are set to pick up tomorrow- not great for a guest changeover boat but perfect for watching these guys at sea. Embarrassingly clumsy and dopey when they arrive back on the island each night, Manx Shearwaters are built to ride stormy seas. I feel breathless just watching them from the comfort of a hide...

Bring on the storm...

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Unknown said...

Nice moths that remind me of Lundy where I was last month with the BENHS field trip. Just across the Bristol Channel from you and we had pretty much the same moths. Interesting.