31 March, 2013

River Otter

Whilst spending most of last week with family up in Suffolk, I couldn't resist a sneaky ten minute bus ride to Thetford to finally meet the popular Black-bellied Dipper (the nominate race in mainland Europe, and a scarce visitor here), that has been moving back and forth along the River Thet for the past four months.

The Dipper was a great little character to watch as it fished along the bank, and it's ridiculously tame nature added to the magic of the moment. The whole show was stolen though by the appearance of one of the local family of wild Otters, which gave a lovely swim-past to a shed load of very satisfied onlookers without even flinching. Most were dressed up in full camouflage gear, but needn't have been. The Otter seemed just as interested in us as we were of it, casually playing, sniffing and scratching itself along the bank of the river just metres away. A genuinely magic moment, and in the sunshine as well. Not a bad way to see your first Otter.

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