08 October, 2012

Hi From Scilly

It's raining outside, and I've managed to take cover in one of the only shops in St. Mary's to have a usable computer. Whilst I'm not doing much, here's a few taster photos from the first two days on Scilly.

The weather has been a bit disappointing, but that hasn't stopped the birds. Whilst photographing a Yellow-browed Warbler in torrential rain yesterday, the camera decided to jump out my hands and take a dunk in a nearby stream. It functioned for a while after that, but soon the buttons stopped working, and now it won't even turn on. Nightmare. These two were taken before the watery accident- luckily the memory card that was in the camera at the time is completely fine, and the lens had a waterproof cover on at the time... why didn't the bloody camera body think of that?

Now back to using my trusty old back-up Nikon D60. An absolute life saver of a DSLR, never let me down... touch wood.

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