27 August, 2010

Good Weather For Ducks

Good Weather For Ducks...

Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if even the ducks are getting a bit pee-ed off at all this rain that is falling out of that grey mass of crap above our heads-- although some may like to call them clouds.

However, due to the undeniable fact that I've neglected all local patches that I ever had, I had to get down to Bushy Park. Luckily, there was a weather window; the sun was shining, and birds were singing... only kidding, it was raining and it seemed that, as we got out of the car, the weather deliberately decided to get worse, from typical English summer, to the kind of weather I would expect on Shetland in an extremely bad winter. However, knowing that the ducks were craving to have their photos taken of them, I pushed on.

There were no ducks on the main lake, unless you can call a branch looking like a duck a duck, which technically you can't. However, all wasn't lost. I found a duck! An eclipsed male Red-crested Pochard,  on the next lake further up from the main lake, looking pretty annoyed at himself for not booking that holiday to the Caribbean a little earlier...

I'd post a photo of the branch to brighten up the post but I'm not very confident on the identification (it's been so long since I last saw a British duck I'm starting to forget what they look like). It could be a Red-billed Whistling Duck, or a Baikal Teal... probably blown in with all this weather.

To lighten up the subject, I look outside as I write this to a smidgen of blue sky. Who knows, prehaps that tiny seed will grow into a mighty oak, prehaps the sky will change colour overnight, and we will wake up to a new world... I doubt it. I think we've all learn't a lesson today- never go out in the rain because you won't see any ducks, so don't even bother trying.

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