06 February, 2010

100th Post

100th Post...

It's the blog's 100th post (yay!) and I don't really have anything spectacular to celebrate it with. A short afternoon visit to Pen Ponds in Richmond Park earlier today was the first time I've been out photographing this February.

There is usually a large variety of wildfowl present on the two lakes, with Wigeon, Pochard, Teal, Gadwall and Shovelers wintering in healthy numbers, however, today there were only a few Shovelers. Most of them were way out in the middle of the lake, but two birds were slightly more obliging, and although they weren't coming for bread (luckily!) and were quite shy, I managed to sneak up on them and get a few shots...


An interesting sunset

Tommorow I'm doing another local twitch to a Black-necked Grebe that been present at Teddington Lock for the last couple of day, a few minutes drive away. Fingers crossed it stays till morning!

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Robs Birding said...

Hi Bill, congratulations on reaching your 100 th post :) love the picture of the sunset , heres to the next 100 all the best Rob