23 December, 2009

Happy Christmas!

Below are a few Robin shots I took earlier today in Kew Gardens. This individual had decided that it was way too cold outside so made it's way into the warm and moist Temperate house, what a wimp...


Meanwhile, outside in the surrounding shrubs, this Robin was freezing his arse off as he fended off rivals and claimed his rightful territory... I think you can agree with me when I say temperate Robin has the right idea!


Have an excellent Christmas and a Happy New Year from me, and keep feeding and watching wildlife during this flippin' freezing weather that we seem to be getting. A White Christmas...? You never know!


FAB said...

Happy Christmas to you Billy. Let's hope Santa is kind to us all.

Cheers Frank.

Billy Dykes said...

Cheers Frank. Happy Christmas to you too!