30 November, 2009

In The Bush...

It's been a while since I last posted, and even longer since I last took a trip to Bushy Park. I can't believe I'm saying this but the sun was out and it wasn't actually that cold when I decided to take a short trip on Sunday.
I've missed the Red Deer rut for this year, although occasionally the males do have a few fights in December and into January. There were large gathering of females at some of the large mud puddles resulting from recent rain... and I swear I actually saw two females stand on two legs and box each other like kangaroo do! There were also a few males about but no action...

Red Deer

Red Deer

I was very pleased to find a wintering Chiffchaff in amongst the bracken along the canal. It was very tame and at times I thought it might have actually been a rarer winter warbler... but then I realised that I was in the middle of London in Bushy Park, not on a remote island in Orkney!


Mallards were abundant along the main lake as where Black-headed Gulls...



"Yeah that's right, get out of here... there ain't room for the two of us!"

Black headed Gull

What a grumpy old sod...

Black headed2

I'm sure there will be plenty more seagull antics as the numbers increase in the park, but for now.... happy wildlife watching!


NicoleB Egypt said...

Those shots are awesome.
I miss seeing the deer in Hungary.
I was hoping to get a rut on camera, but it wasn't meant to be ;)
Wishing you some more sunny days to come!

Thing said...

Nice Chiffchaff photo!

Billy Dykes said...

Cheers for the kind comments, guys.