17 July, 2009

More Garden Moths from Two Nights Ago...

Just a quick update on a few more garden Moths I found the night before last using the Cat-and-Camera method (don't ask!).

'Micro' Moth, Celypha Lacunana appeared on a plant dangerously close to a sleeping Crab Spider, another addition to my ever growing garden list, and again IDed by a user at BirdForum!

Celypha Lacunana
Sadly this Moth isn't blue (that would be pretty cool!)- its just another illusion caused by damn flash
Looking a bit like the Light Brown Apple Moth in the previous post, is Lozotaenia Forsterana. I managed to attract this beauty with the focus light on the D60! A very striking Moth when viewed up close... its brown and grey colouring help it to camoflauge against tree trunks during the day...

Lozotaenia Forsterana
I'm saving up for material to make a moth trap at the moment so I don't have to Flight of the Concords... I am a lazy sod!

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