05 July, 2009

Getting Soggy for Skippers...

I remembered my bike lock today as I made my way to Bushy Park but decided not to use it as I was hoping to cover the whole of the park on two wheels. Starting off at the main lakes, the usual ducks and deer were washing off in the midday heat, but a new family for the lake consisted of a beautiful female Pochard and her brood of 4 cute little ducklings.

You forgot to wash behind your ears!

Female Pochard

Pochard duckings

Singing from within the ferns all around the park were the usual Meadow Pipits and also a stunning male Reed Bunting in full breeding plumage.

Meadow Pipit

Reed Bunting

Reed Bunting

I was faced with a flooded path as I walked my usual route along the canal. I soon regretted my decision to try and manouvre my way over the newly created stream, as what I though was solid ground turned out to be a pit full of water! As you can guess, the socks and shoes had to be ditched for a while, but I did get to see a Common Blue Damselfly whilst I dried off...

Common Blue Damselfly

And to end the journey, a Small Skipper showed brilliantly in front of the camera in the early evening light...

Small Skipper

Small Skipper


midlands birder said...

love the pochard pics,their great,well done on the post as usual billy

Midmarsh John said...

Great Polchard photos there Billy. Looks like you had a good day out. Next time remember the bicycle lock and the wellies!

Billy Dykes said...

Midland- Thanks, mate

John- Haha, thanks. I'll try to remember!