07 February, 2009

Blackbirds and Pigeons

The Blackbirds and Pigeons in our garden have been taking advantage of the seeds I have been putting out for them. I took a little time out to today to take some shots of the birds as they fed on the lawn. Today's shots have been taking through double-glazed windows as I have been feeling too ill to stand out in the cold ;).
We have about 5 Blackbirds that occupy the garden and get on very well together (most of the time). In winter, they become very active in the garden as they run around in short bursts.


Close up

A female would show herself when the males weren't around.

Collared Doves (a rare sight in the garden) also visited today.
A fat Woodpigeon fed along side the Doves and ate most of the seeds.
This shot was taken looking down on the bird.
Sorry about the foreground!


Anonymous said...

Hi Billy, good piccies through the glass, do you do any work on your photo's at all afterwards with Photoshop at all?

We now have a new tripod to get steadier pictures and have been experimenting with video's today, through double glazing they seem better then the stills.


Billy Dykes said...
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Billy Dykes said...

Hi Phil, thanks. Yes, if need be I do a little bit of editing using a free internet photo editing service called Picnik- keep it a secret though ;)

Tripods are very useful, I have one as well and used it for today's shots. Good luck with it!


Anonymous said...

Hi Billy

Thank you for telling me the name of the duck and also that I had named the birds wrong, a senior moment I think!!

I have a paid subscription to picnik and my photo's are never that clear!! I like using their collage in their premium feature.

Phil told me of another free one today for editing photo's PIXLR

I also have Corel Snapfire plus which is very good, it came with mt Corel Paintshop Pro Photo X1.
Today's photo's on my blog were taken with my Sony Cybershot.

Hope you are feeling better today and was able to get out a while in the sunshine? Jackie.